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The Spiritual Journey in the Central Himalayas

Van Serai – The Wellness Retreat in the Himalayas
Jageshwar, near Almora
Uttarakhand. India

If you yearn for a blissful experience of life,
It is time to look inside and do something about it.

One cannot control the outside situation completely, but one can always take 100% control of the interiority. Once that is in your control, whatever the outside situation may be, your experience of life will always be the way you want it to be.


We bring to you the technology of Well-being in a Retreat centric programme: EVOLUTION


The Retreat helps you understand a few key elements of nature.

What exactly makes you who you are?
It is the mind, body, emotions and energy! All the experiences of life you’ve ever had are the result of them coming together in a specific alignment. This alignment reorients itself according to immediate natural conditions. In an undisturbed natural space, the ether is dense which perfectly align the faculties for exploring your inner dimension.

During the Evolution Programme, we also take care that we charge the place with energies through yantras which are consecrated by the yogi of the highest order. And of course, we will be doing yogic kriyas to make the ether denser still.

What we offer is a live process with a lineage which is over ten thousand years old. This speaks for itself about the authenticity and the power of what you are about to undergo

The EVOLUTION Programme

What’s On Offer?

The Preparation
A few days before you arrive, we will make you do a warm up task to explore yourself in some depth and prepare the ground to experience the change.

The Process

On arrival we will start with an activity which will involve everybody and a sense of togetherness and focus will happen.

The spine of the whole retreat is Kaivalya Kriya. This is a very powerful process and we need to prepare the body, the mind and the energies to get initiated in to it. We will start with cleansing processes called Shatkarmas and Virechan Kriyas.

There will be various meditation sessions where you can create what you want to create in your life. These meditation addresses various aspects of your life.

All the eight limbs of yoga will be addressed in such a way that it becomes a part of your life. various talks and videos will elaborate various secrets of life.

Trekking in the mountains, outdoor meditation, bonfire, story telling and even bird watching with a spiritual angle will make you see life in a completely different way.

Getting the whole Kaivalya Kriya and Practicing the whole process at least three times is what we want to make sure before you leave.

The Follow-up
The offerings need to become a part of you and we will make sure that it happens for at least six months and after that you will clearly know its importance. We will inspire you through our information channels, we will guide you with the practices and we will make you fill a routine chart for your own reference and progress.

The yogic culture developed a comprehensive knowledge of food and diet. Food served the role of not only nourishing the body systems, but was considered primeval for sustaining the basic life force of prana, to prevent and treat diseases, to rejuvenate and strengthen the body.

In this programme we will put you in a diet regime which can be incorporated in your daily life and you will experience how minute changes can increase the satisfaction and nourishment you can draw out of food by reducing the diet by 50%. Not only this but you can come out of disease and lead a preventive way of life.

The whole creation is a play of five elements and our state of being completely depends upon the state of these five elements. At the Evolution Programme, any process, be it treatment, rejuvenation, yoga etc addresses these five elements called Pancha Bhuta. If we assimilate the essence of Bhuta Shuddhi (purification of five elements) in Ayurvedic Treatment and Massages, we can reach a whole new dimension of well being.

Energy flow happens in our body through specific channels called Nadis. There are 72,000 Nadis in our body. The point where these channels meet are called Chakras. Of the 114 Chakras, 112 are inside the body and 2 are just a little outside. Every Chakra is associated with few aspects of our life and has a specific energy flow.

Massage is a technology to open and close a particular chakra apart from doing the elemental purification.


How Will You Benefit?
Many benefits of Yoga at The Evolution Programme can’t even be put down in words. But here are some which can be:

Immediate benefits
You will experience a sudden ease in body, mind and energies. So any disease will find a sudden relief. Just by holding your body and mind in the right way, you will see that stress is not natural, it’s our creation and just evaporates. A sudden increase in energies and higher coordination heightens your efficiency and reduces your sleep quota.

Long term benefits
A regular practice of the module may get you out of a chronic ailment you have been suffering for a long time. Your way of looking at a situation will change drastically, and it makes you a problem solver. As a human being, your talent and potential will evolve to the next level.

Benefits beyond the physical realm
Your experience of life can shift to another dimension. You will be able to perceive things in its true depth. The experience of oneness will change your relationships with yourself and with the surrounding without the unnecessary burden of moral teaching.

During this retreat, a number of ‘fun’ activities will be conducted to bring about the child in you. We will indulge in nature watch, hikes & treks, outdoor games, cooking lessons, video films, night walks, village & temple visits etc.


Programme Details




Services included:
Satvik meals during your stay
All Yogic practices & meditation by a qualified teacher
All activities
To & fro Transportation from Kathgodam station (the train arrives at noon from Delhi)

Services not included:
Personal or incidental expenses
Any medication or hospitalization
Rail or air fare

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