Birdfair 2019 – 16th-18th August

Mohit & Iqbal will be visiting the British Bird Fair on August 16 to 18th August 2019 meet Them for some great information on Indian Birdwatching Tours, Indian Mammals, and Travels to India this winter

Birdwatching Tours

Eagle Nest - the NE birding hotspot

Mishmi Hills - Clean up tour in NE India

Sikkim - Birds & Nature abound

Goa - beaches and birds

Andaman Islands - An exquisite experience with the endemics

South India & Western Ghats - Get the endemics and enjoy the culture

Kaziranga & Nameri - get your mammals & birds in no time

Gujarat - largest coastline, endangered birds & mammals

Rajasthan & Thar Desert - Get your birds and enjoy the forts & palaces

Delhi - also a great hub for birds, enjoy!

Bharatpur - a world heritage birding site

Chambal River - you cannot miss Indian Skimmer


Cambodia - travel with the bird experts


Nepal - Clean up the Himalayan species


Ladakh - Tibetan Specialties and snow leopard

Kashmir - lesser explored destination for great birds

Valley of Flowers - great for bird treks in the monsoons

Srilanka - get the endemics and enjoy the curry

Bhutan - a very delightful bird destination


Sonkhaliya - owls, lesser floricans and other special ones

Borneo - Hornbills, Orangutans and the monkeys

Taiwan - Birds & Culture

Wildlife Tours


Tiger Tours - Our forte for 25 years


Big Cats of India - Tigers | Leopards | Lions | Snow Leopards


Endangered Mammals - A great trip for every wildlifer


Snow Leopard Tour - we pioneered, ran 48 trips, never failed

Red Panda Tour - completely life nurturing


Asiatic Lion and Asiatic Wild Ass - and more endangered mammals of Gujarat


Species Specific Tours - tell us what you want to see


Herpetology Tours - Amboli is magic during the monsoons


Himalayan Mammals - carefully handcrafted for different species


BESPOKE TOURS - Designed Just for You


TAILOR MADE TOURS - Tell us how you like it?