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We just wanted to thank Asian Adventures again for making our trip to India so wonderful. We loved Gir and your lodge- the people there are friendly, kind and professional. Everything we have come to love about Asian Adventures. The wildlife was also truely amazing. Our time in Mumbai was also great. We are all checked in for our flight back to Australia so all good. Till next time








Liz and Carole

Gir Birding Lodge, Sasan Gir

During our Rajasthan tour we were exceptionally well looked after by our Driver and Guide Joginder Yadav. He showed himself to be a safe and reliable driver with ease. Joginder made sure we had water, snacks & drinks for every journey and made regular comfort stops at suitable places. He pointed out interested places along the route and was excellent at spotting birdlife. He also makes sure we met local guides on time. He always kept the vehicles clean and tidy. He always understand our questions & comments and communicated well despite English being his second language. We would highly recommend him as a driver and supportive companion.



The services provided by Asian Adventures; Although we did not see everything we hoped for it was not the fault of our guides which were very good and tried anything to fullfill our wishes. We saw some very nice things and were very happy with what we saw. Indeed we would be very happy to welcome you to Belgium in May and show you how we managed to save the peregrine falco in Belgium. Please let us know when you intend to stay sometime in Belgium.

Guy Robbrecht

Asian Adventures

My bird guides were terrific, very knowledgeable and experienced that undoubtedly enhanced my birdwatching experience. You may well be aware that prior to contacting you I was in negotiation with Sunil as he came highly recommended. However, as he could not cover all my trip he suggested I contact you as so I was so pleased when I discovered that he was to be my guide in the Himalayan part of the trip. Delver was also very skilled and ensured that I saw as many birds as possible. Your guide in Agra was helpful and informative and worked conscientiously to ensure I enjoyed my visit to the cultural sites acquired the maximum from my time there. I was impressed with all guides and would have no hesitation in using them again. In my many travels I have experienced good and bad guides and the guides that you arranged are clearly for me some of the best that I have had, thank you.

Thierfelder, Frank

Best Guides for my India Tour

First of all, please let me thank you for making our last safari to India such an unforgettable experience. Everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We are happy home after our fantastic Indian adventure. It all started one year ago with Goran who talked so warmly about India, and he was right. India is amazing and is now one of our favorite countries. We will for sure come back one day.  I don't know how to thank you enough for all time and effort you spent on us, and for your patience while answering my endless questions. It all ended up in a fantastic trip. All accommodations were really good and all transfers worked like a clock Ganesh is a superb bird guide. I am amazed by his skills, both when it comes to finding as well as identifying birds. He just needs to hear the faintest little sound to tell the species, and he was accurate all the time. Please give him my most sincere regards.

Anders Hansson

Fantastic Indian adventure

Just wanted to say a quick Thanks to Asian Adventures and the team, for a trip that was very straightforward, hassle-free, and enjoyable! And most importantly of all, we had great views of my key target, the florican, and a major bonus in the form of the dusky eagle owl. Both Sham and Jaipal did a top job respectively! I normally travel on my own, so it was a real luxury to have their company, and to be so well looked after.

Tim Sykes

Hassle-free India Trip

Just to let you know that Susan and I had a wonderful time during our recent trip to India. Many thanks for making the arrangements, which all went smoothly. We were very lucky and saw lots of interesting birds and mammals ? and Shaym made an excellent companion (we would have seen far fewer birds without his sharp eyes).


Wonderful Holiday to India

We would like to place our sincere appreciation to Asian Adventures and the team for organizing a wonderful trip for us. The arrangements were perfect and we did have a great tour. There was never a moment in the entire tour in which we felt that the organization was poor and hence all credit to you and your team for such wonderful arrangements.

Gehan, Palitha and Thushari

Wonderful trip to India

Asian Adventures: Overall excellent tour company. Would definitely book another tour with Asian Adventures and have recommended you to several friends. Was very impressed with how quickly Mr. Ahmad responded to emails and the quality of the information provided. The itinerary was excellent. We did stay an extra night at Chambal, which for us was a great decision. Including a visit to the Taj on the itinerary was also a must.

Richard Bansberg

Excellent Indian tour company

What a great trip! Thanks to all the guides and the Driver for all their help. The Hotels were just right for our needs too. Plus we saw 4 Tigers!!!



It was my first trip to India in 2016. And being a nature lover, I was really skeptical about it, though the friend who had recommended it to me was quite confident that I will come back with memories of a lifetime, He was right. Asian Adventures are not just travel specialists, they are nature conservationists whose each representative, guide has been carefully hand-picked. And so are the lodges where they made us stay. I captured more than 300 species of birds in my camera. No words enough to describe the planning of the tour, the experience, the hospitality - I would love to come back soon, for another Birding adventure - this time at a different location in India.

John Bayern

Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, Pangot

On this 3 nights trip in 2017, Asian Adventures gave me a chance to indulge in a great birding experience. I recommend it for all nature and outdoor lovers, not only because the guides are so well-versed with the region and its bird-spotting locations, but also for the amazing hospitality Asian Adventures had arranged for us. The Jungle Lore birding Lodge where we were made to stay was so very well selected by this trip planner. I have earlier been to India for birding through a different operator in 2014. And I must stay Asian Adventures left me with memories of a lifetime.

Susan Roshelle

Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, Pangot

First time 16 years ago...
when we visited Pangot...2005 February end march...
Papaji aur Mummiji hamare sath hi the...! Sattal bhi sath gaye the...
Pahadi ke samne jo pehle wala resort tha...vahan ruke the...aur majkhali bhi gaye the...!
Pangot is my favorite place...we visited 3 times after that...!
The first time the young Nepali the acclaimed birding guy...of course.. accompanied us everywhere...!
The last time we visited... he wasn't Mr. Joshi...the boy who worked in your kitchen then in 2005...
now well-groomed also as a guide came with us...! That was a very pleasant surprise...!
We have done excellent birding around that area...! My mom always accompanied me and she is now 93...!
8/17/21, 6:59 PM - +91 98989 17166: I met the Nepali guy twice at your Gir Birding Lodge Resort...! He immediately recognized us and came over and chatted with us...! He was with our friends' group then...!
Some very good memories...excellent food served with style...!

Kalpana Kastia

Asian Adventures Birding Tour

Good Morning Deepak,
How could we forget- Deepak who allowed us to enjoy such a beautiful trip, It is marvelous to be guided in India by such a professional guide. but also your kindness, your organization, your special attention, your smile. As bird lovers, we will never forget your boat the beautiful creatures you allowed us to observe. From all of us.

Trace, Benny, Yail, Yossi, Nava, Avner, Yaffa, David, Rivka, Aant, Janice, Lily, Laure, Esti, Ofer.

Asian Adventures

I wish to thank the Asian Adventures Team for the excellent holiday my cousin and I had at Jungle Lore Birding Lodge at Pangot, Uttrakhand. It was a tough and rugged place for us, two senior citizens. But what made it so unforgettable are the beautiful birds all around and the kind and caring staff, who attended to all our needs. After a few marginal additions to the property are made to make it more disabled-friendly, I would highly recommend it for senior citizens with minor disabilities.

Vasumathi Sankaran

Jungle Lore Birding Lodge at Pangot

I remember we were busy looking through our binoculars when a tiger sneaked up behind our Jeep. I knew we were safe inside, but I could still feel my heartbeat in my throat. It certainly was a lifetime experience. Thank you Asian Adventures.

Deepak Kumar

Asian Adventures

I meant to contact you to thank you for organizing such an excellent trip earlier this year. All the guides were very good and Raj was a brilliant driver. Our tiger sightings are stunning!


Nick Addey

Asian Adventures

We have just returned from India and want to congratulate your company on the truly excellent service we received from you. I have nothing but superlatives to offer and will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Deepak, our driver, was an extremely charming gentleman, who was punctual and helpful at all times. He always drove with great care and consideration. After spending five days with him we were all truly sorry to have to leave him at Delhi airport.

 All of the guides you had organized for us did a good job 

Many thanks to you all for making our trip to India a memorable one.


Joan Chatterjee-Cooper

Asian Adventures

Dear Mohit & Iqbal,

Back in our normal rhythm, we want to thank you for the services provided by Asian Adventures; Although we did not see everything we hoped for it was not the fault of our guides which were very good and tried anything to fulfill our wishes. We saw some very nice things and were very happy with what we saw. Indeed we would be very happy to welcome you in Belgium in May and show you how we managed to save the peregrine falcon in Belgium. Please let us know when you intend to stay some time in Belgium.


Guy Robbrecht, Belgium

Asian Adventures

Orley Marroon

Orley Marroon

North India Birding Tour

Hi Mr. Ahmad, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for making our rather complicated itinerary very smooth. I sincerely appreciate your help and your team's help.


Gangadhar Burra

Rajasthan Tour

	Kim Ratcliffe


Kim Ratcliffe

Gujarat Birding And Wildlife Tour

Hello Iqbal,

I’m now home and just wanted to thank you once again for looking after me so well during my trip.
The transfer on my last day to Guhawati went very smoothly and Pawan also looked after me and found me some good birds. Your drivers and guides are a credit to your company.
If I revisit India, I assure you that you will be my first port of call.

Many thanks again 


Kaziranga Tour by Asian Adventures

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