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Somewhere or the other, we've all heard that we need to get in touch with our inner child. With such a playful nature, it seems these subadult tigers in Bandhavgarh have beaten us to it.



India's true north, the land of Ladakh, looks as though it was made for birdwatching and photography. Apart from the scenic landscapes, Ladakh's birdlife is spectacular, almost unique to the region, from the Black-necked Cranes, and Golden Eagles, to the dainty Guldenstadt's Redstart, Little Owl, and a variety of snow finches and accentors, and everything in between. Ladakh is truly a birdwatcher's dream destination


Gir National Park Gujarat

Sometimes it's not just the species spotted but also the amazing moments. Some of our guests had the unique opportunity to witness the mating of Asiatic Lions in the Gir Forest, truly a special moment.

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