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India largest bird watching tour operator welcomes you to experience the great birding of India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka


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You will travel with us for wonderful wildlife experiences through India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Borneo




Him means Snow and Alaya is Home. Home of Snow is full of experiences such as birding, wildlife viewing, wellness, treks and a lot more.



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Your experiences of India will be unlimited with Asian Adventures. Forts, Palaces, Backwaters, Homestays, Ecolodges and the list of endless.



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Join our journey in saving elephant corridors, making the Himalayas plastic-free, helping small wildlife NGOs, and conserving ancient Himalayan temples



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You will love our signature programs of Hatha Yoga and Shiva Walks. These will not only sort out health but these are Inner Game Changers.




To get green areas under the ambit of Ecotourism is our vision. Join us to spend time in some of the greatest Ëcotourism Success Story Pojects.


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You will love our team working passionately on the tour you wish to undertake. Tell us a few things and we will have it all sorted for you.


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You will want a well-reseached tour for all the target species you want to see. We will handcraft your lifetime trip for you with the best guides knowing the stake-outs.



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You add value to your lifetime tour by accompanying experts and stalwarts to see the species and support communities for conservation.




Our journey to deliver all the knowledge to the world makes us stand out. Join us to learn more to be able to give back more.



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We operate and promote eco-ethical tourism so that your great-grandchildren can also enjoy nature.


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We handcrafted our nature-centric tours and tested for 100% satisfaction. We go the extra mile to exceed your expectations and create lasting memories. Visit the birding hotspots in India or ask us for options in the Indian subcontinent.

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These are carefully selected Asian destinations by our team that will render top class wildlife, birding, and ecotourism experiences. Carefully curated destinations, delivering top-notch experiences, chosen by our expert team.

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This section gives you the stories from the field, updates on wildlife species and ecotourism destinations, community projects, and ideas for your wildlife safari tours in India

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North India, the land of Ladakh, looks as though it was made for birdwatching and photography.

Gir National Park Gujarat

Sometimes it is not just the species spotted but also the amazing moments. Some of our guests had the unique opportunity to witness the mating of Asiatic Lions in the Gir Forest, truly a special moment.


Surajpur is an amazing wetland close to the nation’s capital. Apart from being one of the monsoon homes for the Bristled Grassbird, it is also home to another sought-after species: the Bengal Bush Lark.


One advantage of living near the birding hotspot of Bharatpur is that you can see some amazing birds, like the graceful Sarus Crane, in your backyard during this lockdown


Not only is the Taj Mahal the most recognizable monument in India, but it is also an architectural marvel that anyone, whether interested in history or not, should visit at least once in their lifetime.


Described to science in 2006, the Bugun Liocichla is not only one of the most sought-after birds in India, but also a beautiful case-study in community-based conservation


No other animal is as synonymous with Wild India as the tiger. As India’s oldest national park, Corbett offers some of the best tiger-tracking experiences in the country


A myriad of beautiful flowers are in bloom at Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, not only enhancing the beauty of the lodge, but attracting many nectar- and insect-feeding birds


The Andaman Teal, previously considered a subspecies of the Sunda Teal, is one of the many sought-after endemics that the islands have to offer.


Somewhere or the other, we all need to get in touch with our inner child.

Recent Blog Posts

Our blog posts delve into practical tips and eco-friendly practices that can help you reduce your carbon footprint during your wildlife tours in India. You will also know more about interesting anecdotes, species, communities, experiences, past happenings

Our blog posts help you reduce your carbon footprint during your wildlife tours in India. You will also know more about interesting anecdotes, species, communities, experiences, past happenings, and a lot more.


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